středa 25. září 2019

Battlegroup: Overlord Hard road english

Yesterday i published Battlegroup battlereport in Czech but it is time for english version.

Two days ago we played Battlegroup using Overlord book. We choosed Hard road and we played 400 pts at squad level.

Again my friend Dejv put his British 6th AAR. He got 3 cromwells, Command Tetrarch,regular Tetrarch,2 paratrooper Squads, Carrier section and towed 6pdr.

I opted for Panzer division list: Command Panther, 2 PZIV, 2 squads of Armored Panzergrenadiers, 2 Pumas and infamous 88.

Germans started deploying into the village on right while British deployed in hills and around the
railroad tracks. From beginning the British player was out of luck. He was able to deploy about half of his battlegroup while Germans deployed their whole might and to top it off they started with 6 orders but British with 3. In first turn Germans were able to secure the village capturing both objectives, 88 strategicaly put on the road was ambushing any one dumb enough to cross the road. Panther tried to brew up one of the Cromwells but without luck.

British then pushed to the railroad crossing capturing the objectives on their side. and started to maneovering toward village using fire and move/ move or fire tactics but without any effect.

Tanks started playing deadly game of cat and mouse but for more two turns any of the shells failed to find its mark. German Panzergrenadiers manages to capture the crossroad objective while they are succesfull they are pinned down on the crossroads by Paras from nearby tower.

Panther now exited village and his shot finally find its mark and one of the Cromwell started burning,
and rest of the Germans forces begining to push British back and next turn another Cromwell burst in flames and Railroad station one of the objectives held by British was captured by Germans.

British Paras Battlegroup has been broken and Germans claimed the victory.

to be honest victory was mainly thanks to the bad luck with BR chits and order rolls.

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