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Battlegroup - Kampfgruppe Dombeck

Still gearing up for tomorrow first battle in Battlegroup (set in all well known 6-7 june 1944 in normandy between British Paras and mine Kampfgruppe) i decided to write little Order of Battle for my Kampfgruppe.

There is lots of stuff in my "army" that is not fieldable via Fallschirmjager Normandy list.  But there are things i want Panthers, King Tigers and Pumas for example. Heart of the Battlegroup are two Fallschirmjager platoons each with Panzershreck team, Pak40 with RSO Tow. The Kg has also have few Sd.kfz 251s to faciliate transport for one platoon

Reconnisance for battlegroup is in form of 3 Sd.kfz 234/2 Puma and two sdkfz. 222. Two sniper teams are also availible

Armoured fist of Battlegroup are 12 Panzer IVs with Bergepanzer IV recovery vehicle.They are supported by two StuG Batteries and one StuH42. Heavy hitters of Kampfgruppe Domeck are 3 Panthers and 4 Panzerkampfwagen VI ausf.B "Tiger II" with Bergepanter recovery vehicles.

Anti-aircover provide three wirbelwinds and three Sd.kfz 6 with flak 36.

Artillery support for battlegroup are battery of Nebelwerfers as well battery of LG40 10.5cm artillery pieces. Sdkfz 7 and RSO Tows are availible. Along with tows there is recovery Sd.Kfz 9 "Famo", number of Kubelwagens and schwimwagens. Siginals section have Radio Opel Blitz at their disposal

I got more stuff for my Kampfgruppe but currently their are at painting list , stuff like 88 AA gun, Marders, Tiger 1, HMG teams and medics for my platoons. 

This battlegroup is set with Normandy setting in mind but it is suitable for late war Western/Eastern front even for fighting in Italy.
See you soon hopefully with full BG:Overlord Battlereport

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