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5core Company Commander

Bannon didn´t recognise the aircraft the aircraft type, aircraft recognition wasn´t one of his strong points. Nit ot wasn´t  necessary to identifity the exact type. a glimpse of the red star on the fuselage told everything that he needed to know about the two jets. The waiting was over. The baloon had gone up. Team Yankee was at war - Team Yankee by Harold Coyle

This time will look at one of the Ivan Sorensen 5core games - namealy to the Company Commander. Ivan Sorensen is known as Weasel is behind some famous game system amongs the members of 15mm gaming - Fast and dirty, No End in sight or for example Brigade Commander.

In Company Commander as name suggest you will lead approx. Rifle/Mechanised Company with some futher assets like tanks, mortars, LAVs, specialist troops and so on. The rules doesnt focus on specific era so you wont be bogged down on details its fast,easy and still tactically chalenging

So we will take a look on how the game works. The system follow igoyougo sequence - well sort of. each players are alternating on turns and begining players turn he rolls d6 if he roll 2-5 nothing happened and he can activate his unis as normal but if 1 or 6 is rolled it begins the special turn. on roll one it is scurry - you can redeploy all your forces as per normal rules but beware your enemy under right circumastences can do the same. 6 means firefight and the units the units on battlefield start firing at each other.
In normal gaming sequence you will never activate your whole company instead you can always activate only part of it for every 3 units in your force you can activate one unit .
 You have also chance issue activate up to three units using Platoon order - units doesnt have to be from same platoon it just name.

Movement it is pretty easy Infantry moves 6" , vehicles can move faster. If infantry moves and wont fire it can dash additional d6", in rough terrain infantry cannot dash. your troops can also came across obstacles - walls, fences and so on. obstacles have to categories easy and hard- both stop your movement but if you encounter easy obstacle next turn you can move. hard are hard and your unit will be crossing it whole next turn. Cover is pretty interesting mechanic too - you can choose whatever your units using cover as hiding spot at cannot be fired upon  (until flanked ) but they cannot fire either or using it as cover - providing them protection but also be able to putting some lead on enemy.

Displacement is very very interesting mechanic when the squad is first spotted by enemy and if it is stationary the squad is moved d6 in random direction it can place him even into close combat representing well placed ambush .

Firing infantry on infantry is pretty fast mechanic. Under normal circumstances squad rolls two dices one shock and one kill dice. you need to roll one or six in order to fire be effective. when 6 is always better. as name suggest shock dice affects morale usually leaving them lying and rendering them combat ineffective for few turns, while kill dice often destroy the squad outright. if infantry units takes fire within 6" the firer rolls additional shock dice. some specialists like MGs can change number of shock and kill dices rolled. when squad is pinned down it must recover before acting again however unlike other games i seen you can support recovery with another your own squad moving into contact with pinned unit representing laying down covering fire and boosting morale

durning your opponent turn if your unit dont fire your last turn can react if enemy unit moves into their line of sight. this fire usually isnt as effective as normal fire but can make loopholes into enemy plan.

Close combät is resolved by each side rolling D6 and adding bonuses who have higher number wins they are often quick and deadly. 

Infantry teams have few sub-classes but i would not go into details, it affects their attack dices, if they can begin assaults and so on.

Heavy weapons are different beasts - HMGs, Light and Medium mortars, AT guns, ATGW all that stuff. they fire is usually ideal for suppresing the enemy troops. but when firing you are risking you will run out of ammunition and must wait one whole turn before this unit can fire again. light mortars are nicely handled here you us unit as target point and all units within 4" gets same result. Medium mortars can shot speculative that means they can fire at targets that arent seen either mortar team or units within 6" from mortar the shots deviates d6 in random direction otherwise medium mortars have more shock dices than light. ATGWs is only guns who cannot fire at short distances but they can hit target in hiding. you will find also rules for smoke grenades and rounds

Vehicles act little different from infantry they move similiar is infantry althought they can bog down when crossing rough ground or passing obstacles (only tracked, whelled vehicles cannot cross rough ground or obstacles). durning reactions they cannot use their main guns and only fire on short distances. the guns for simplicty sake have three categories depending on target  - threating shot, kill shot and overkill shot. for example autocannon firing on M1A2 will be threating shot, while T80U firing on M113 APC will be threated as Overkill. Also facing can make difference and when targeting rear facing your gun is upgraded for shot one category better (threating became kill and kill became overkill)  Vehicles can also assault infantry called overrun it get superior bonus

Rules then cover random army generation, rules for solo play,special events that can happen in battle and campaing. Although simple Company Commander is nice set for casual player not thousand of charts but simple yet tactically challenging you need to us well your  assests and terrain if you want to win and that my friends always count better than rules with stats for 10 variants of Abrams tanks.

The Company Commander is aimed at modern company level infantry combat, it can cover WW2 as well as conflicts from today or your favorite fiction it isnt for everyone but if you are looking for game you can play with easy yet tactics matter this maybe game for you

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