neděle 16. srpna 2015

Invasion project for Gruntz 15mm

US Marines advancing ( Battle:LA)
On upcoming Combo Strike Event Fall 2015 i will be making series of free-play and demo games of 15mm Scifi gaming system called Gruntz 15mm. While there will be conventional forces on one table for second is my personal project i have in mind for long time, something i wanted to play. When I was younger my brother had very special PC game called UFO:Enemy Unknown and from that day i was hypnotized by Alien invanding the Earth.  When firstly Tomorrows war came out me and my friend tried to play few games againts Alien invaders (back those days i used 20mm RH Miniatures US troops againts Warhammer 40k T´au Crisis Battlesuits. The games were awesome and i wanted to recreate something like that - and  after again watching Battle Los Angeles i have vision how to do it and thus Invasion project was born .

Khurasan US Infantry
First side was easy - modern US troops and since i am was not hit by Khurasan miniatures bane community - i went with his new US Troops mostly because they are nice cheap and have enough support weapons to fill my Gruntz ranks, i also order single HMMWV with and also Zvezda M1 Abrams i will put into good use againts Aliens.

Terrain is easy i would use Dropzone commander Ruinscape i already have, to give infantry and specialist cover i would order some HO Scale cars from China - i already have some in 6mm scale and they are great.

Alien Heavy weapon from movie Battle: LA
 For Aliens i long waited and searched for good alien types but in the end i choose for old 15mm
classic - Crusties from GZG with little help from Khurasan and other companies i will fill the gaps in the line. I have also plans for little conversion - the main inspiration was from Battle LA - freeway fighting scene where USMC squad encounter walker heavy weapons team - the idea is take crusty HW team and put the main weapon on legs of spider drone and add crustie operator   

I have lots of plans with this project so stay tunned

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