čtvrtek 13. srpna 2015

Somewhere in Western Germany 1986 5core Company Command AAR

Overall table, "corn" fields are representing forests

Today i tried small quick soloplay for 5core Company commander in 6mm scale i put my british and soviet forces representing fight over small village of Bremer haven. Soviet forces had six squads of infantry one BRDM-2 scout car and five T-64s. British forces were more flexibile they had two of Challengers (ratting cannon as overkill againts T64s) three Cheftians, one scorpion light tank, three squads of infantry in FV432 APCs.

Soviet 1st Infantry platoon advancing
 British went first and it was scuffle special turn allowing everyone slowly advancing to positions, Soviets take advantage moving 2nd platoon towards forest in lower middle of table while one of the T64 engaged leading FV432 knocking it down. British turn again resulted another scuffle turn allowing Soviets get into better position to kill, in this turn soviets destroyed one of the Challengers and Cheftian they were also able to pin one infantry squad in forest which was their objective and killing outright second. British force determanation droped down and British CO order men to fallback to regroup and counterattack, the british forces were divided but their tanks regrouped and hit  the soviets really knocking two T64s.

meanwhile Soviet forces moved to the forest determined to push British from that forest but British hold no matter what soviets throw at them. Another T64 was killed by british tanks, but remaing Challenger was damaged. Second British squad arrived in forrest and heavy fighting over the forest begins, shotings, assaults until Soviets were pushed back.

Experienced Cheftian crews dominated the battlefield
 in Village meanwhile the British tank managed to round up and destroy remaing T64. 2nd soviet platoon managed to sneak out past Scorpion and Challenger and opened short ranged fire from RPGs to the FV432 and Scorpion - knocking out Scorpion outright and heavily damaging one of FV432 (which was destroyed due this damage next turn)  but unable to mount another attack againts british on their  position in second forest their retreated.

5core Company Command is very good and solid system, it is easy and playable often putting commander into decisions which threat to deal with first - bad decision can have catastrophic effects on your battle. killing infantry is hard rendering it pinned down is mostly good as having them dead. please apologies for terrain but it was all i had at home and i was eager to try the game and it is worth it . for six dollars PDF you can go wrong with it.

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