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It´s a Tiger! Rubicon model Tiger I model kit review

When Rubicon models started annoucing plastic WW2 model kits i was really excited, but i dont need neither Sherman or Panzer IV, but when they annouced Tiger I i know i need one and that is story of Tiger 232.

Rubicon Tiger I Ausf. E Box

Rubicon model came in box with nice artwork, on backside of box you will find some info regarding Sd.kfz.
181 or Tiger I Ausf. E as is more commonly known. There is nice paint guide  similiar to Flames of War quick reference paint guide on their products.

Upon opening box you will find decal sheet, assembly instructions and four sprues containing everything you need to buildup a Tiger tank.
Nice feature is that every sprue is put into plastic bag to limit the transportation damage.
One of the sprues
The sprues are lettered so you will have no problem assembling the vehicle, the instructions are clear with various options for Early,Mid-ware and Late-war options as well with some notes about pieces of equippment. the Sprues use up almost every space, however some stowage sprue would be nice. every part fits nicely so you will build your Tiger in no time.

Instructions and decals
As i wrote instructions are nicely written and if i compared to my Half truck from Warlord Games, i must say
that Rubicon models as generation ahead. the material used is more durable (or it seems) and assembling it much easier as everything fits in. and finaly decal set contains tank numbers, german crosses and also Afrikakorps palms.

Overall i must recommend this kit, first plus is that currently it is only plastic Tiger on scene, second plus for materials used, third for easy assembly. i have no other choice than to recommend this kit. 4 stars of 5 for me
With Warlord Games USMC Figure

Comparing shot with Warlord Games Jarhead and Blitzkrieg miniatures StuH42

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