neděle 16. listopadu 2014

Timeline miniatures

Moving into new gaming club, i need to have some ww2 terrain although, there are some buildings for WH Fantasy, Mordheim and Malifux i wanted something more specific knowing that Timeline miniatures buildings are great i ordered some of them. Before my friend move out in to different town he owned timeline miniatures buildings from first time there was great - removable roofs level of cutomization when you build them and of course the price.
I ordered 4 buildings from Timeline miniatures on sunday and they arrived friday pretty fast if you ask me.  my list was two farmhouse ruins, one shed and small animal pen building. I assembled them yesterday so i will give you some pics so you will see how big they are and so on let´s start with Small animal pen building.

Well this kit is big for its price, you will get small barn and small pen for animals, the courtyard of this building is big enough to fit smaller tank, StuH42 has no problem so you should fit Stuart, or even Sherman there, building is big enough to provide shelter for one maybe two squads of infantry however, since building have no openings fields of fire are limited, this kit is so far my favorite - roofs removable to nicely move infantry inside and big courtyard.

another building is small shed while building isnt much big small squad,command or observer team can fit the building without problem, well the building isnt too small since you can hide tank behind it

The third building is ruined farmhouse which is one floor ruin, its big and can make great defense positions for infantry squads, the ruin itself unlike some other ruins i saw have various rooms so there can be lot of room to room fighting for them. there is also one sheet of "bits"

 I can recommend Timeline miniatures, they are cheap, high quality detailed sets customer service is superB, way to go Timeline. You can expect more building reviews in 2015 as i need church as well as more buildings.

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