sobota 27. prosince 2014

Age of Madness introducing to club Spellcross edition

Well since now i dont have much choices to introduce new system to our club Fénix in Pilsen i decided to show AoM different that things before, i will go in series of two armies which i will present to our club.

I will need to build up at least two warbands for Age of Madness and hopefully find someone who will be willing to play since i like this game flexibility (maybe it can also with some modifications used for  Slovakian pc game Spellcross style games  About Spellcross which could attract even fantasy players since there are lot of nice 15mm fantasy figures)

while lot of things can be used and stated as current rules somethings wont - like dragons and flying beasts, mages and cavalry(but cavalry will be in expasion as Rebel minis has been asked with creating PA horse riders for Age of Madness). others are simple for close combat orks simple Blades element  while, Ka-Orks with Blades and hardened 1 attribute, Dark elf archers can be done with Hardened I rifle element, Wolf and Wolf riders could be Blades element with recon and hardened II attribute. Human troops will not use hardened attribute since armoured vest is nice thing but wont stop Ka-Ork axe.

Here is list of some 15mm Fantasy manufacturers
Eureka Miniatures do some nice ranges which can be used for Spellcross:Age of Madness (wow that sound as expansion :D) If you are European based they got UK distributor Fighting 15s

Ral Partha have their own fantasy range Deamonworld which is IMHO little WHFB inspired, sold in bulk packs so you can have you Other side army build up in no time

Tin Soldier also have some fantasy 15mm line but never saw them so i cannot tell

East Riding also have 15mm fantasy range but it is aged and lack details that modern minis have

Khurasan miniatures have also range not inspired by LOTR

Splinter light has extensive range of fantasy miniatures (maybe the largest one) another extensive range of fantasy miniatures but again little aged

So what are you thoughts?

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