neděle 28. prosince 2014

Age of Madness: Clear and present Madness expansion

“A professional soldier understands that war means killing people, war means maiming people, war means families left without fathers and mothers.” - General Schwartzkopf

I already reviewed Age of Madness, but Visceral has recently relased free expansion called 
A Clear and Present Madness . And What brings up this new expansion? for 18 page document lots. First thing is new elements - Air support, Arty support, Command posts, air observers and Mounts - horse and other animal riders.  It also includes new non-player elements - civilians, peacekeepers, news crew,factionless fighters and sensitive area (area terrain or marker where units cannot fight). it also include new actions for units such as calling air/arty strikes. New scenario based more on modern combat is included.

What most people asked about, there is rules for larger and smaller games with little twist how to improve your force.

Whole expansion is step out of post-apocalyptic setting into area of modern combat, which is interesting and now you can try, fight Soviets in Fulda Gap, give no quater to Taliban in A-stan or push back Chechnya rebels as leader of  Russian Federation rifle company choice is yours you can download it right here

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