středa 19. března 2014

Warlord USMC box review

I ordered a box of plastic US Marines, which arrived today since they were mine first bolt action minis i was really excited how they look like in real life. so lets look on book it self a its contents.

In box you will find instructions unlike other boxes from warlord you have few assembled arms with weapons but some other where you can put weapons from weapons sprue like springfield sniper rifle, bazooka and so on. anyway you get five sprues with 6 bodies - three standing, two crouching and one lying
, lots of various heads, stuff like pouches, and webgear accesiories as well as mentioned hands here are (apart from two sets of bare hands one holding springfield and other holding M1 carabine) rolled about to elbow some photos of sprue

next what you will find in box typical american weapons sprue containing sniper rifle, submachinegun, carabines,bazooka or trademark rifle of US forces M1 Garand. apart from that you will also find 5 sprues each containg 5 bases. Why 5 you ask when you get 30 bodies? thats because you get 5 lying models and they will simply not fit on classic infantry base.

Overall iam impressed with this kit, when i was looking at US GI or British infantry kits i was not impressed they seemed just in dynamic not in combat, the story was different with USMC the poses are dynamic and kit is very generic allowing lots of poses and even with 6 body types you can create many different miniatures
here are some examples of miniatures i build up while opening the box.

For everyone that want to wage war in pacific i highly recomend this little guys

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