čtvrtek 13. března 2014

Bolt action - Late war 2nd Rangers start

We´ve played few demo games of bolt action with Perry miniatures on CSE Event, but since we started with this game we knew we would eventually move onto Late war.  Well we decided on Western Europe Campaing, and i was deciding between British Commandos,US "Big red one" and 2nd Rangers.
one of the demo games

Well, God damn it then, Rangers, lead the way!

First steps was choosing minis, firstly i only looked at Warlord US infantry, Wargames factory and few other distributors but i didnt found something they i like, i want gritty soldiers hardened by taking Pointe du hoc and defending Hill 400, so i was looking until i take look on new USMC plastic box from Warlord games, the gear is little off since but they have that gritty veteran look i want on my Rangers.

The basic box have option to build 30 miniatures, including sniper,bazooka,bar,garant rifles and so on. here is basic list i devised for my Rangers using this boxed set i came up with this list

  • First Lieutenant
  • Medic
  • 3x 8-man Ranger Squad (Bar,2xSMG rest rifles)
  • Bazooka Team 
  • Sniper team
this list gives me army for 650pts games and adding thing or two like LMGs to squads, adding mortar, reinforcing squads will give me full 1000pts all infantry army or adding tank or Armoured car  and i am set.

so watch this space to see and knew more about my Rangers and their stories in games of Bolt Action

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