pátek 6. srpna 2021

Battle of Belec Alpha Strike Report

This week i played game with my son - Clan Invasion Era, hold the line scenario. I played Clan Wolf Reinforced Binary while my son played 2nd St.Ives Lancers understrenght battalion. we played 550pts game - it lasted about 3 hours

Clan Binary Advancing againts St.Ives Lancers

Two days ago Colonel Wakefield had reinforced battalion supported by various elements of Belec standing army. Today all he got was two understrenght companies supported by one company of militia infantry and lance of striker tanks. 10 mikes behind his Atlas was city of Belec - capital of this planet and his only starport, and he is only thin line between clan invasion force and civilians.

"Wyvern one to Wyvern six we got 8 contacts! Correction 12 contacts!"

This is it thought Wakefield to himself, while powering his mech up 

"Wyvern six to all units, contact is imminent. The enemy will come at us on force and we had to stop them no matter what!"

In this game clans we´re attacking while Inners were holding the line. The clans move on board and quickly entered forest with heavy mechs - Summoner, Mad Cat and Hellbringer, while Executioner, Mist Lynx, Nova, Grendel and Ice Ferret move up on left flank and engaged lance on hill consisting of Banshee, Panther and two Hunchbacks. on right flank Ryoken and Shadowcat engaged the enemy along with 3 heavies in forest. Two elemental points was moving on right end battlefield drawing fire of Orion, Atlas and Enforcer

Hill defenders

The clans hit St.Ives forces hard Catapult and Trebuchet was destroyed and few others got beating. On other hand Summoner and Ryoken took some damage too. The Elementals put down the Enforcer but was destroyed in process. Panther succumbed to enemy fire, and light and medium mechs of clan were advancing toward the enemy table edge.

Elemental Assault

Strikers opened fire on Madcat but fire was ineffective, and main clash between Clan forces and Inners begun. Jagermech, Warhammer, Archer and Orion supported by Atlas Engaged 4 enemy mechs now occuping the woods. The Grendel, Ice Ferret and Mist Lynx managed escape the table edge while damaging Banshee in process. Executioner supported by Shadow Cat engaged remaing forces on hill while they moving towards them.

Inner Counter-attack

Ryoken was destroyed durning Inner attack againts entrenched forces in the forest but at heavy price, Jagermech and Warhammer was destroyed by much effective Clan firepower. Vindicator came to reinforce the attack on left flank, followed by strikers. Heavy fighting continues near forest where Archer was destroyed along with Clan Summoner in heavy exchange of fire. Near hill while destroying both Hunchbacks, Clan Shadow Cat was destroyed and they were start to losing ground
Battlefield was covered by smoke from wrecks

 To ensure victory Hellbringer moved up to the hill and engaged Vindicator, to put some heat from Executioner and allow Nova move from board. Mad Cat now facing both Atlas and Orion decided to make final attack and engaged Orion from almost point blank range and heavily damaging him in single attack, However St.Ives managed to obliterate Mad Cat reactor and putting Mad Cat out of fight.
No guts no galaxy

On left flank both Executioner and Hellbringer althought heavily damaged managed to breakthrough enemy lines and thus St.Ives defenders lost the fight, this victory was close call but it still victory.

The forces used:

2nd St.Ives Lancers
  • Panther PNT-9R
  • Hunchback HBK-4G
  • Hunchback HBK-4P
  • Banshee BNC-3S
  • Trebuchet TBN-5N
  • Jagermech JM6-S
  • Catapult CPLT-C3
  • Warhammer WHM-6D
  • Atlas AS7-D-DC
  • Archer ARC-4M
  • Orion ON1-V
  • Vindicator VND-1R
  • Enforcer ENF-4R
  • 4x SRM Infantry Platoon
  • 3x Striker

Clan Wolf
  • Madcat
  • Summoner
  • Hellbringer
  • Ryoken
  • Shadowcat
  • Executioner
  • Grendel
  • Adder
  • Nova
  • Ice Ferret
  • 2x Elemental point

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