čtvrtek 30. dubna 2020

Battletech Alpha Strike Clash on New Shiloh

 Yesterday i fought battle with my Daughter using Battletech Alpha Strike rules. We used Battlelines scenario from Death from above wargaming 250PV two lances each. Federated Suns (Green) vs Black Rose Mercenary Group (Red). It was first mission of our "Lockdown" Alpha Strike home campaing which take place on planet New Shiloh which is currently besieged by House Davion forces. 
Davion Mechs punching through Black Rose defenses

Federated Suns 
had Battle lance and Recon Lance. Battle Lance consisting of Orion, Marauder, Hunchback and Jagermech. Recon lance had Crab, Dervish, Locust and Cicada.
Black Rose MG
Two lances Battle and Recon. Medium Battle Lance with Skill 3 Wolverine, Skill 3 Griffin, Blackjack and Bushwacker. Recon Lance had Hellspawn, Jenner, Spider and Locust.

I played Federated Suns, and with options i have availible i opted for slow moving fireline and advancing towards the line hoping that i will be able to counter Black Rose skrimishers. Cicada and Locust run into BM Locust and Wolverine, And this was firefight that Davion forces lost. However, Orion and Dervish start pushing Wolverine to retreat and destroying locust. On other flank and center my Heavy hitters engaged the Hellspawn and Bushwacker destroying both in process.

My forces has been able to move Battleline towards Merc deploy. Mercs learn from mistakes try to make chokepoint and funel my forces into killzone but first lucky shot destroyed undamaged wolverine and Griffin and Blackjack quickly followed.
At this point Davion forces claimed the victory so next mission will be hold the line with Mercs as defenders

Thoughts on Alpha Strike
I was always very sceptic about Alpha Strike i tried original version when it has been released and wasnt impressed by it, but for some reason i bought Commanders edition at some point last year. Because my kids wanted to start some wargaming i thought big stompy robots should appeal to them. and it worked.

While the core mechanics are pretty simple, but game is very effective in "simulating" combined arms warfare in Battletech universe, and diving deeply into rules you will figured out that not you can play "historical" units from BT universe described in tons and tons of material that has been released durning the peroid over 35 years or create your own, and with Special Command Abilities you can really customize your unit - and even BT is about Big towering mechs loaded with deadly weaponery you can create army of tanks, with mechanised infantry and air support the choices here are limitless.

Tactics this is another place where AS shines - you have tons and tons different units, differnt formations that you can take so there will be nothing like two same armies.

If you looking for something different, which is fast, fun and tacticaly chalenging take look at Alpha Strike with optional rules the game is becoming something different

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