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15mm Scifi in 2020

Ok folks, we have new decade, and durning th last one the 15mm scifi was on rise, many great gaming systems were created for this scale. Many companies rose and some fall so lets look what is out there in 2020

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Ground Zero Games (UK)
GZG is company based in UK and propably oldest company out there anything you can think of the GZG have, Infantry, Power Armor, Mecha, tanks and even VTOLs. The core ranges are based on old game called Stargrunt II. while this game was released back in 1996, but even newer ranges like Moongrunt which is based on EVA suit combat in near future. One of my personal favorites i own quite a lot miniatures both newer and older sculpts both infantry and vehicles and they always find way in our games.

Brigade Models (UK)
Brigade is another big player with many ranges availible which can be diveded into two parts first is oficial Hammers Slammers figures (both infantry and vehicles) and second is their more traditional line based on their old Iron Cow setting. Their Infantry are mostly  from old Armies Army ranges they are harder to paint than GZG but very nice painted. Propably most extensive vehicle range out there. This company is still very active and adds new models every few months.

Khurasan Miniatures (US)
Infamous Khurasan Miniatures, another big player in 15mm offers many many different line for both historics/Moderns to the Scifi, Vehicles,Dropships, Infantry, Alien lifeforms, modern day infantry and vehicles. Almost every possible setting from today planetary invasion to the space opera setting Khursan got you covered, even thought their are from US the postage is pretty cheap and delivery is fast to Europe.

Rebel Miniatures
RM is another US company, offering range of various aliens, human infantry and vehicles 
(while vehicles ranges are not so extensive as other companies) The minis are nice but 
somewhat on smaller side of 15mm.

Ralpartha (Critical Mass Games) (UK)
When Critical Mass Games ended their company few years ago their ranges has been bought 
by Ral Partha Europe, unfortunatly while they offer most of their infantry ranges main
reason why i liked CMG was their vehicles and apart from two types (Mecha and Grav tank)
Ralpartha doesnt offer them yet hopefully that will change in future. They also bought Akarr 
alien range from Hydra miniatures.

Alternative Armies (UK)
Old 15mm.co.uk has transmorphed into AA and was succesfull with their game Ion Age 
(Patrol Angis). They sell various ranges, from many kinds of aliens to the powered armored troops.
Loud Ninjas Ikwen to the Grinning skull aliens
You can find many vehicles, mechas, battlesuit and even lowtech infantry 
definatly worth checking out.

Magister Militium (Oddzial Osmy)(UK)
O8 is well known polish manufacturer of 3mm miniatures but he also created lines for their 
scifi game PMC 2640 consisting of military time infantry and irregular forces well sculpted 
but smaller than GZG or Brigade.

Clear Horizon Miniatures (US)
Clear Horizon offers fine selection of modern scifi droptroopers, mercenaries and few other infantry
and selection of human dropships , ifvs and other vehicles. sometime ago their released 
Sigma Event Gruntz 15mm Starter set

Reddog Minis
Originaly known as Mecha Front (and before than even by other name) offering various bits for gothic scifi in 28mm
But they also have Mechs in 6mm and 15mm and rather nice. 3 types of chassis in 15mm with different weapon options
can be ordered 

CP Models (UK)
CP Models offers range of retro monsters and other strange stuff not particulary useful for 
me but but RPG players can find lots of here if 15mm is their scale.

Darkest Star Games (US)
US company which have some retro 15mm scifi range based of old Denizen 25mm scifi. They also have
Cyberpunk/Anime range  and some random skrimish/RPG range. Site also features very nice range of 
vehicles while not many models very modular and very nice

Micropanzer (US)
Micropanzer features huge range of infantry,aliens, mechs and vehicles and also scatter terrain. Very 
nice and popular sculpts and Riavaui infantry is best 15mm alien sculpt i seen IMHO.

DLD Productions (US)

Another US company that existed for very long time, they only offer hard-scifi vehicles which have strong 
military scifi vibe. 

Antenocitis Workshop (UK)
Very nice scifi vehicles based on their GOT range from 28mm very futuristic looking unfortunantly this range has "frozen" and was never expanded behind this few models. however they offer range of flock and other basing stuff andif you are into 28mm scifi (not 40k but things like Infinity) they offer various vehicles and terrain from brand designed for Infinity

The SceneUK

Scene had have only few figure lines in their range but aquired Armies Army Vehicles range few years back They offer full range of "Scifi Soviet" vehicles and range of isurgents which is usefull for Tomorrows War players and just for them

Stratos Miniatures

Stratos Minis hailing from poland is new kid on the block. They are well known for their mechs and vehicles in 6mm

But they also start working on 15mm range of vehicles, mechs but also infantry. They offer very nice modern scifi range
which doesnt have some of the early 2000s vibes like some other designers have

Eureka Miniatures
Eureka miniatures doesnt much venture into scifi because their main playground is historicals but they offer 2 Scifi 
ranges, Scifi German Stormtroopers useful for Weird War scenarios or some generic Scifi evil empire and 15mn Resculpt
of Venturians from Denizen 25mm range. Modern Australian range can also makeup some generic near future/scifi troops

Old Glory/Bluemoon
Old venerable range from Bluemoon offers large variety of troops, including robotic ones, and while they are nice they are
rather pricey and ranges lacks variability in terms of support weapons. Bluemoon also offers vehicles and buildings. Vehicles are IMHO bad by today stardants but that is just my 
opinion. US Old glory also offers buildings but i didnt see them so i cant speak for them.

White Dragon Miniatures
UK company which offers complete 15mm near/scifi range including infantry, power armor troops, support drones, vehicles and mechs
as a result of succesful kickstarter. The range have very strong "MECHA" genre vibe. Worth looking if you are searching for something 
different. Behind this range as concept artist are names such as Kasim Lewis, Edon Guraziu or Alexander Iglesias

Nuclear Shrimp Games

Another new company which launched their company with succesful kickstarter, in 15mm they currently offer three ranges:
Sterotypical human infantry UEF, completly with infantry, tanks and battlesuits.
Religious Tecton with hightech vehicles,infantry, drones and knight like power armor infantry
last are brutes which seems like mutants a cross between space orks and supermutants.
the miniatures looks awesome and designs even UEF are classic humans have fresh feel

Vanguard and Oslaught Minitatures
These two companies offers upscaled versions of few of their 6mm ranges meant for Epic 40k/Armageddon gaming systems
They have strong 40000 vibe, for europeans you can order both ranges directly from vanguard and if you ever wanted to start
6mm Epic army i strongly recomend Vanguard. 

There are maybe other companies out there, but these are those which iam aware of.
Its safe to assume there are others so you can leave me comment and i will add them

Wish you great wargaming in year 2020

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