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TomorrowsVerse - Brazil Marines

Brazil Marines
Corpo de Fuzileiros Navais do Brasil

In Hard scifi games  i have softspot for both Stargrunt II universe and Tomorrows War one. But both universes need expansions for their TOE´s, incase of TW most of the "bad guys" ( meaning China, Brasil or UIT member states), because i really like TW Brasil Models from GZG i decided to make this article. This is no way "official" TOE for Brasil forces is TW universe but it is what i use in our games.

Nominally part of Brazilian Navy, Marines are most prestigious ground combat unit Brazil have.
Considered even by goverement as Elite and Vanguard Force and direct projection of influence Marines have access to NEU bleeding edge technology even by BNLA standarts.
Grav-mobility vehicles, interface fighters and dropships, new generation Cyclops Combat Hardsuits as well as various latest technology infantry weapons. Durning 1st Interstellar war this force has proven their worth and earn respect of OPS armies.

Assault Platoon is formed by 36 soldiers and 2 drones which can be deployed in one run by Concórdia Interface dropship

Troop Quality:D8-D10
Confidence Level: Confident to High
Supply Quality Level:Normal to Abdudant
Overall Tech Level: TL3
On Grid? Sometimes (TL3)
Armour: Hardsuits (2D)

Typical Unit Atributes:
  • Forward Observer
  • Terminal Air Controller
  • Designated Marksman
  • Advanced Sensors
  • Medic
  • Old School

Special Gear Description

Standart Issue Rifle for Brazil Marines, selective fire, chemicaly cooled rifle chambered for caseless ammunition. Directly linked with Cyclops hardsuit it offers various fuctions including HUD, Gun camera and TAG (Target designator for  air, artillery or orbit strikes)

Raio Sniper Rifle (AP:2/AT:2 L)
The Riao (Thunderbolt) Sniper rifle is more accurately classed as an anti-material rifle. It is considered best heavy sniper rifle deployed ba the NEU. While compact this rifle packs serious firepower

Veneno LGA (AP:2/AT:2 L)
Magazine-fed, semi-automatic grenade launcher firing 30mm grenades, including HE, AP flechette rounds or AT rounds.

Titã GPMG (AP:2 M GWS)
Standart Issue GPMG of Brazil Marines. Chemically cooled, magazine fed, full automatic weapon chambered for .30 caliber binary propellant ammunition.

Águia Missle Launcher (AP:2/AT:4 M)
Standart man-portable light-assault missle system capable of firing anti-personal HE rounds, thermobaric or HEAT rounds

Marine Assault Platoon generic heavy weapon platform, can be armed various with various weapon systems from Missle systems, energy cannons to the most common autocannon variant. Arahna means spider which described these platforms well. Depending on armenement Arahna AGP can be used for various tasks - contact teams, reconnisance or direct fire support.

20mm Sagitár Autocannon (GWS AP:3/AT:3 L)
Standart issue for Arahna AGP capable of hitting both infantry and light armoured vehicles

Brazil Marines Assault Platoon (Pelotão de assalto)
Command Squad
3x Infantry Squad
Scout Squad

Command Squad (Esquadrão de Comando)
Platoon Commander with ARX160 ACR
Platoon Sergeant with ARX160 ACR
Coms Operator with ARX160 ACR
Medic with ARX160 ACR
Rifleman ARX160 ACR
Rifleman ARX160 ACR

Infantry Squad (Esquadrão de Infantaria)
Fireteam A
Fireteam B

Fireteam A
Squad Leader with ARX160 ACR
Rifleman with ARX160 ACR
Rifleman with ARX160 ACR
ML Operator with ARX160 ACR and Águia ML
Grenadier with Veneno LGA

Fireteam B
Fireteam Leader with ARX160 ACR
Sharpshooter with  Raio sniper rifle
Rifleman with ARX160 ACR
Rifleman with ARX160 ACR
LMG Gunner with Titã GPMG

Scout Squad (Esquadrão Escoteiro)
2 Arahna AGP

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  1. I very much like what you have done, but some of your weapon stats seem a bit "off" to me. Example: your sniper (anti-materiel) rifle is listed as a Medium anti-tank weapon, but the 30mm GL which is equipped with AT warheads seems backwards, or both should be classed as Light AT. I would also think the auto GL should have a better AP rating than a standard, single-shot UGL... which yours might... not sure. And the AT Missile Launcher should be better than AP:2/AT:2 M, by the looks of the figures.

  2. Good to see someone carrying on the Tomorrow's War torch since Ambush Alley Games seems to have really dropped being active on the various gaming forums, and have released no new products for years. Great blog post!