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Tommorow War reloaded - Brazillian Marines

GZG produces range of various models but one of their line is specially devoted to Tommorows War universe, and here they are Brazilians. Unlike today in TWverse Brazil is quite opposite of United State one would say their arch-enemy akind to the Soviet Union position durning Cold War. Brazilians is leading powerbloc called NEU or New Economic Union.
Like USA the Brazilian soldiers are equipped with state of art technology while US military is considered best equipped in 24th Century the Brazil is right behind them.

Modelwise Brazilian troops are something different, i can hardly found other words for them but even thought i didnt like them i give them chance and now they are on of my favorite ranges and trust me photos on GZG store didnt gave them justice they are much better!

However even the position they have in TWverse, Ambush Alley Games never publicated their ToE so i devised my own, with some quick research and looking throught information about today Brazilian armed forces and took inspiration from Corpo de Fuzileiros Navais - Brazilian Marines serving within Navy Structure. This corps have long proud history - fighting in every war that Brazil ever fought and dating back to 1808.

I see no reason why Brazil Marines would not be spearheading invasion like the one on Albion durning first interstellar war. How would i see Brazilian Marines: Tough and experienced soldiers on similiar terms like USMC, well equipped for strike deep into enemy teritory
 and here is what i devised for my demos i would be playing in my local club.

Troop Quality: D8-D10
Morale: D8-D12
Confidence level: Confident to High
Supply Quality level : Poor to Normal
Overall tech level:2
On Grid: Sometimes (TL2)
Armor: Hard Armor (2D)

Typical Unit Attributes:

  • Forward Observer
  • Terminal Air Controller
  • Advanced sensors
  • Medic
  • Old School
  • Designated Marksman
BN Marines Platoon

BNM Fireteam A

  • 1x Fireteam Leader                  with  I7A3 (acting as squad leader)
  • 1x Designated Marksman        with  AGLC DMR
  • 1x Gunner                                with  M791 SAW
  • 1x Rifleman                             with  I7A3

BNM Fireteam B

  • 1x Fireteam Leader                  with  I7A3
  • 1x Gunner                                with  M791 SAW
  • 1x Gunner                                with  M791 SAW
  • 1x Rifleman                             with  I7A3

BNM Squad

  • BNM Fireteam A
  • BNM Fireteam B
  • Sistema Arahna AGP w/M772 GPMG (TL.2 ABW AP:2)

BNM Platoon HQ Squad
  • 1x Platoon Leader                    with  I7A3
  • 1x Platoon Sergeant                 with  I7A3
  • 1x Platoon Battlenet Tech        with  I7A3
  • 1x Rifleman                              with  I7A3
BN Marines Platoon

  • BNM Platoon HQ Squad
  • 3x BNM Squad

Hopefully i will arrange first game soon, propably it will be Recon in force scenario based on one featured in good ´ld SGII book.

See you soon!

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