středa 22. března 2017

Tommorow war demo/AAR

Combat area the "pod" is located in middle of board in crater
Yesterday we perform demo game of Tomorrows war from Ambush Alley Games.
The scenario was set durning 2nd Interstellar war on Discovery colony. Durning NEU campaing againts OPS unknown object fall into one of the smaller towns. The object was indentified by both combatants as pod of unknown origins - both Brazil Marines and US droptroops was sended to area to identify object and gather inteligence.

The US forces arrived first and got first turn while Brazil forces slowly advancing and set up perimeter.

"This is Talon 1, we arrived at AO, no signs of hostiles, proceeding with mission over."

US Platoon slowly advancing
US soldiers advanced slowly scouting for any resistance, but Brazilians we´re waiting for them to give them pleasant welcome.

Scout team equipped with single SAW proceed toward church, while rest of platoon took more direct route, one fireteam established OP in tower next to the crossroads.

"Talon 3 to Talon 1! we are being enga......"
"This is Talon 1! repeat your last transmission over!"

Brazilian forces start pushing US forces back
US troops entered bilding overlooking second road but was quickly engaged by Brazilian Spiderdrones nicknamed "Arachnids", second team moved to figure out what happened to the first team. In following firefight they managed to knock out one of two drones. Recon team established strongpoint in church and engaged Brazil fireteam in orchard which pulled back behind wall.

"Talon 1 to King six! we are being engaged by NEU infantry! 20+ footmobiles supported by SAGPs!" 

Brazilians engaged US in deadly firefight
The US assault lost momentum but managed to knock out second SAGPs and Brazil start advancing keeping pressure on enemy.
two fireteams moved forward to fix US fireteams. Under heavy fire US forces managed to gain foothold in building near pod.

Both forces being tired, low on ammunition , US Commander decided to make dash toward pod with single fireteam but was caught in brutal crossfire and eventualy whole team were tear down by enemy fire.
the game ended as marginal victory for Brazilians, since they managed to inflict more losses on US  althought pod was not recovered by any side.

My friend was very excited by game mechanics, and intensity of game (it was his first hard scifi wargaming battle) so expect more reports in future.

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