čtvrtek 5. ledna 2017

Project: Panzers!

As a gift from friend i got GHQ battlepack (one with shermans and PZIV) and while i playing 6mm
moderns, WW2 was something that attracts me, and who would not want to see mass tank battles as in blitzkrieg games. Started looking into rulesets i figure out i already got ruleset only thing i need is to few tweeks here and there and thus Able Archer game started converting into something new which i called for now Panzers!.

So for those of you who dont know what Able Archer is - it is quick and fast 1:1 6mm company/battalion level wargaming rules  for Cold War gone hot era. Well Panzers take the AA rules into late war WW2 setting. It is meant for combined arms but you can also play tank only battles with this rules.

The goal of this project is make good fun rules for WW2 gaming the rules are easy and acessible so it can be good for newbies and battles itself are itself are fast so normal game can be completed in 1 to 2 hours.

So who appear first? i currently working on Germans,British, Americans and Soviets for initial release if i would make more nations and eras is in stars depending if there would be interest.

See you next time.

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