čtvrtek 27. října 2016

Anvil Industries Suppresion team review

For my 30k Iron Warriors force i needed Iron Havocs squad, since they dont have official models and i wantem to be different i looked into other manufacturers ( and i long needed excuse to buy some of the Anvil exolords) and chosed suppresion team. So what you will find in this nice little kit?

First thing first - you will find five standing bodies,  5 backpacks, one with some sort of relay, one hand with rifle, one holding binoculars, never missing pointing hand, knife, some pouches. 7 heads (one without helmet), some scopes,10 shoulderpads and hand holding somehing that could be laser designator or scifi equivalent. then you will find 4 autocannons. I also ordered separate autocannon sprue  so i can equip my sergeant with autocannon too. the kit is nicely goes together and paints well

As for quality speaking - they are superb one of the best i seen so far almost no cleaning required.
If you ask me if i would recommend Anvil i would say yes without hesitation - for obvious reasons i will order some more of anvil products especially when they annouced they will be make renegade style infantry models.
Anvil Industries webpage

And here is whole squad put together and painted

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