čtvrtek 29. října 2015

Building Epic Army Chaos Renegades

Cast down the Idols! Destroy the temples! Slay the priests! Show these fools that they worship nothing more than rotting corpse!

I have epic models for very long time but there was never big community to play this game, although since time i was playing WH40K, but never get to it mainly because lack of interest. This changed in past few months and Epic starting to go alive here in Czech Republic (even my hometown got another player). 
So what is Epic:Armageddon? it is 4th edition of mass combat wargaming system in 6mm scale. Players can command whole armies from lowest IG infantry companies, Tank Platoons, Air wings to might Titans. Game is fast enough, have very good rules in all aspects (Activation rolls, alternating activation, very solid morale a command and control system) and although sometimes it is hard to get models you can always use proxies since 6mm market is very big.

I always have soft spot for bad guys of 40.000 universe - Chaos Space Marines and i decided to play them in Epic. They are from mine own CSM host i use from time to time in our RPG games (Dark Heresy/Deathwatch) but this time they get proper treatment on tabletop - the Soul Reavers.

I begin with small detachment it is about 1280 pts according the Red Corsair list (armylist dedicated not only for RC but mostly for all renegade space marines who turned later) i am planning to use. the detachment consists of 2 Renegade warbands (One with Sorceror, 4 havoc stands and four Land Raiders the second consists of Chaos Lord, seven stands of Chaos marines and two dreads the last one is formation of Chaos Chosen handpicked veterans of thousand battles - six bases with rhinos and champion) i also have converted now unpainted Predators to support my troops. There are some new miniatures on the way to support my Chaos forces - Chaos Thunderhawk, Hellblades, Defilers, Terminators and ofcourse some lesser and greater deamon stands. here is photos of my force
Core of My force two Chaos Warbands and one Chosen formation (which actually use the CSM Models while rest use normal "beakies" models) you can see also Mk1 Rhinos, Contemptor Dread and Land Raiders

My proxie predators made up from plastic MK1 rhino and rhino MBT turret from Brigade models (SAC Range) althought if i have spoonsons it could look better but they will do.

The army will grow soon and they will go to war with Imperial Lapdogs soon - i gave my friend some SM miniatures (and by some i mean around 3000pts as i know him he will propably build them as Space Wolves so stay tuned 

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