neděle 24. května 2015

Firestorm Planetfall Directorate force - Apex Solutions progress

 They told us we had no chance. That we are fools to even a try. But i am a mercenary, I dont judge your ambitions, I only judge what you can afford. Pay my price and i strike down the heavens.

I started my Planetfall force some time ago i bought Two-player starter, and started painting while i enjoyed painting Directorate the Aquans not so much but that can change. My FSPF Directorate is based on Tommorow wars APEX solutions mercenaries company - mercyless band of mercs armed to teeth and equipped with state of art gear - ready to sell their services to highest bidder - something that Directorate Aquisition teams are about. Directorate force is very fun to paint and FSPA ground forces are well designed not matter what faction we are talking about

 but enought about talk lets show them

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