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Battlestar Galactica:RS Wargaming

This is the Commander. Moments ago, this ship received word of a Cylon attack against our homeworlds is under way. We do not know the size or the disposition or the strength of the enemy forces, but all indications point to a massive assault against Colonial defenses. Admiral Nagala has taken personal command of the Fleet aboard the battlestar Atlantia following the complete destruction of Picon Fleet Headquarters in the first wave of the attacks. How, why doesn't really matter now. What does matter is that as of this moment, we are at war. You've trained for this. You're ready for this. Stand to your duties, trust your fellow shipmates, and we'll get through this.

I am big fan of Battlestar Galactica series - either Reimagined,Original or stand alone pilot Blood and Chrome,  and least but not last Diaspora:Shattered Armistance pc game.   Full thrust IMHO is well suited for BSG gaming althought maybe Colonial Battlefleet will be suit better but i dont like Hexes anyway  first decision was easy first or second Cylon war. While first war will be easy on backstory as war rages on. The second in truth is easy too, only thing which is problem is CPN backdoors that Cylons used prior to attack on Colonies. Easily this could be say that Battlestar/s are returning from training maneovers and new system will be installed after return, like in Diaspora.

I looked into Studio Bergstrom miniatures line which features stylised non-BSG miniatures , new and old Battlestars, Basestars, vipers, raiders, Raptors and so on. There are others vendors that sells non-BSG minis namely Ravenstar miniatures,B3 Designs and Novastar. these vendors also make starbases, and civilian ships along with non-canon Cylon and Colonial Fleet ships.

Jump complete. Reading debris in low orbit and multiple nuclear explosions on surface. Virgon is gone, the Fleet is gone..... Incoming DRADIS contact!Single Cylon Raider!

So where to start, If you want to start Full thrust BSG you will need capital ships - i would suggest two Battlestars, and three or four Basestars for this reason i will choose two Battleships (they looks like Columbia class)for economical reason i would start with smaller complement of Vipers four of Vipers and one or two raptor flights to count as torpedo bombers . for Cylons choice was similiar Two Heavy cruisers and two smaller Deuce light crusiers, fighter escort will be 4 wings total with respawn - when wave is destroyed Cylon player can launch another.

Galactica has seen a lot of history, gone through a lot of battles. This will be her last. She will not fail us if we do not fail her. If we succeed in our mission, Galactica will bring us home. If we don't... it doesn't matter anyway. 

to the storyline we will be following two Battlestars conducting patrol along the Red Line BSG Athena and her sister ship BSG Rhea has been sended to emergency beacon set up by Armistice station, upon discovery that Armistice station is destroyed, and receving reports of massive assault againts Colonies they racing to rescue, unlike Galactica or Pegasus their Commanders decide to make a stand.

Since we aquired place to play Full thrust in local board games store with tables to play, we possible can aquire some new players, i am wishfull thinking we can make campaing called Fall of Colonies

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