středa 16. července 2014

Hecate my alien race to Full Thrust

As great Freespace  i always wanted to create similiar race into spaceship gaming, not even BFG allow it

something similiar - i dont want space "bugs" who only feeds but something more sinister  like Shivans.

While my Mystery fleet ships or on the way i decided to create some form of background of race, since i was always RPG player/gamemaster i just love this side of hobby - creating your own background.

It begun with name Hecate - Greek goddess of witchcraft among other things, apart from that it sound menacing so who are Hecate? Know your enemy and that stuff? Well basicly humanity dont know much about Hecate and their motives. Few months ago Hecate ships appear in Ross 128 system and destroyed human instalation along with military protection detail, and then disappear. Similiar attacks happened along border worlds in whole human space but without any pattern or it seems.

Face of Enemy
Since then Human diplomats and Inteligence services tried to contact Hecate, but without any success.
Durning battle of Beta Aquille humans was able to beat off Hecate, and also recover one smaller Hecate ship and thus founding dying bodies of  their enemy. Quickly they assume that Hecate evolved in water or in low/zero gravity which gave them they main advantage, they have far more better space coordination than humans allowing them using their ships in space to its limits.
Hecate ships are faster and more maneovrable than human counterparts, thanks to different propulsion system. Weapons of Hecate starships are similiar to humans although they are using different technology in terms of power and destruction potential are similiar

After Battle of Beta Aquille the Hecate dissappear and never to return, or it seems. Humans joked about how they crushed aliens with single stroke. But truth was different, Hecate were lurking shadows and prepearing for invasion. the first who faced the invasion was Admiral of 7th fleet with his ships for first time humanity faced Hecate Light Carriers and Dreadnought, and within matters of minutes 7th Fleet fallen ill prepeared to meet this kind of threat.

After fall of 7th Fleet the humanity , lost almost every border colony forcing whole fleets to retreat to core worlds and earth itself. Will humanity be able to turn the tide and defeat Hecates are will they succumb to total destruction of human race?
Hecate Fleet (Courtesy of

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