úterý 28. ledna 2014

Recon in Force - Tomorrow war battle report set in Unification wars universe

Alliance Marines Advancing
After long time we get to play 15mm sci-fi here in Plzen. For this time we set up small skrimish between Alliance Marines againt Separatist forces from Mineverda  based in our Unification wars setting.

Opening Moves
Alliance Marines patrol consisting of two infantry squad one assault IFV, sniper team and MGS had orders ti checkout old Alliance base on Athens in region of Butcherock, the Rebels set up trap to wipeout Alliance patrol.
Rebels forces consisting of 3 drones with controllers, a Grav tank, Armoured Fighting Suit, Platoon leader, one ad-hoc team and 3 line squads. the Alliance have iniative in first turn. they move-up dismounted squad near complex and MGS to support them, while sniper team provided overwatch. IFV take another route with plan to flank rebel defense.

Rebel 2nd Line of Defense
Rebels answered with walker and two infantry squads (using their disposable AT launchers) engeanging IFV and IFV returned fire. MGS managed to hit Grav tank and crippling his main gun. sniper team wipeout one drone.

for rest of the game rebels gained iniative as Marines run into opposition far larger than intelligence think. there is exchange betwenn infantry and walker and immobilising IFV, mounted marines hit the ground and start to enganging infantry and drones in their vicinity - with little help of IFV weapons they pushed back rebel infantry  and drones while MGS destroyed Walker. unable to push through first line of defense squad leader decided to fix bayonets and breakthrough line - in which they succeced but forces we´re too weared down to continue.

Unable to make final push Alliance marines too weared down by rebel sustained fire, decided to pullback and resulting in Minor rebel victory.

But rebels knew the Alliance will be back and in much larger numbers
Wounded troopers after Alliance failed breakthrough action

more photos here

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