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Arming for CSE Spring 2014

What is CSE?

CSE stands for Combo-Strike Event which is basicly only wargaming only Con in Czech republic , other are either mixed with other Nerdy things or are tournaments (well the fall CSE is Nationals for Warmachine so the fall event is basicly tournament). On Combo strike you can try various gaming systems ranging from Firestorm:Armada, Warmachine,Infinity:The game, AT43  and many many more games. You can come and try games which you want to try or play games you are normally playing, of course there is some partying included when gaming is over. If you ask me CSE is event you didnt want to miss if you are Czech republic.
The Event is located in Brno if you will be that time in ČR you should register here

Tomorrow war 
For some time i have been asked to take 15mm wargaming to CSE, and if everything goes as it should be i will be taking 15mm forces,terrain and rules on CSE. I was figuring what ruleset take on event and only logical step was TW from Ambush Alley games, the basic rules are easy to explain and can get easily people hook up.

The Demo game itself be stated in our own universe called Unification Wars, where Inner Colonies Alliance fighting againts rebels in form Outer Colonies Secessionists. more info about gaming here

Alliance forces were be represented by my UNSC troops while Secessionist forces from Minerva will be represented by Kontrol Battalion owned by my friend Katcher.

Able Archer rules
If time will allow me to finish graphic version of Able Archer rules i will be taking small armoured forces and do some demos of Able Archer rules but this isnt sure as i need to paint to US and Warpac forces also and do some terrain.

Anyway hopefully i will see you 8-9.3.2014 at Brno!

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