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Tomorrows War need quick missions for your campaing/games?

Very long time ago Ambush Alley games released (hell it was 9 years ago....) Force on Force primer
it was meant for Force on Force 1st edition relativly different beast than game is today but still it works as charm if you want play relativly big games with minimum effort the base game ofcourse if you want use some high speed low drag kit like Power armors againts regular infantry it would require some adjustments

The publication contain 6 scenarios, with example OOBs for modern warfare era so you can easily transfer to whatever setting you use.
The Scenarios are follows:
  • Meeting encounter
  • Ambush
  • River crossing
  • The Counter-attack
  • The Rear guard
  • The Last Stand

 To enjoy these scenarios at maximum you will need propably enhance your motorpool as some scenarios requires 5 tanks and substantial number of infantry consisting of 5 squads, command sections support teams and other support. So if you looking for linked campaing or pickups games.

You can grab this primer here

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