čtvrtek 11. srpna 2016

Sabre Squadron 1st Battle report

We played our first official Sabre Squadron game althought we didnt finished the game it was really intense and fast game to my suprise.

Somewhere in Germany 1988.........

British Forces: Understrenght Tank squadron with mechanised infantry support - 3 Platoons of
Cheftians, 2 command tanks. 2 Mechanised Infantry platoons

Soviet Forces: T64BV Tank Company, PT76 Light Tank platoon, BTR-80 Mechanised Infantry platoon, T-80 Platoon

We played standart encounter with 2 objectives while we didnt play game to the end for various reasons here is little battlereport. Soviets won the iniative and begun their deployment - infantry platoon rushed towards 1st objective  while T80s move up to the left flank. Tank company split into two groups while one rushed towards hill in center of table the second half moveup to the right.

The British move up their infantry towards right flank while second was aiming for objective in british part of table. Tanks just moved forward hoping to get on soviet tanks. T-80 opened fire on one of the infantry platoon but shoots missed.

Later T80 again engaged FV432 carrying infantry this time with their missles, one FV432 dodged but the second one was hit and missle killed one fireteam and APC.
The British again moved forward, PT76 saw some exposed flanks of cheftians and tried to make oppurtunity to hit them but they failed and Cheftians returned fire destroying one PT76.

Cheftians opened fire on T80s but missed while the T80 relocated to engage left flank targeting British Company Commander tank and blowing him outright. Cheftian platoon repositioned itself to engage T80s and destroyed them. Some cheftians engaged PT76 and destroy another light tank. the last PT76 fired its smoke generator moved forward, the T64BV moved up used that smoke as cover againts Cheftian retalitation. British overconfident moved forward only to face soviet retalition the both groups of T64s engaged leading Cheftians knocking 4 of them in retalition british destroyed another two T64s and this point we had to end the game - this game was far more faster than the previous one and i like the rules very much. they cover lots of things and they are not overcomplicated - my opponent was impressed with killing power of tanks - but i am playing Steel Beast pro where situation is similiar hit is almost certain kill.

Well we want to try Mech Company battle next time.
See you soon

more photos from game you can find here

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