čtvrtek 19. listopadu 2015

Those who was once loyal

For few last weeks i has been working on my Chaos Renegades for Games Workshop Epic:Armageddon  system. Currently i have around 2300pts painted according to the Red Corsairs armylist. I received new stuff today but it is currently in box it contain more chaotic stuff  - Defilers, Droppods, Hellblades and more.

Soul Reavers will be my main army to the EA planning to add even more units to fit various armylists (Iron warriors, Black legion, Lost and damned and so on) but my main concern now is Red Corsair list which represent Chaos raiding forces.

Fluff-wise Soul Reavers are splinter faction of Black legion, they dont recognize Abbadon as Warmaster of Sons of Horus (and they still bear SoH insignia). They seperated from their former forces shortly after heresy - only to reappear in late 41 millenium stronger than ever.

1st part of army - objectives, Deamonhood, and first two chaos warbands

2nd part of army - all three chaos warbands,Chosen, Land Raiders,Thunderhawk, Predators, Rhinos and Dreadnoughts 
Whole Army

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