neděle 24. července 2016

Epic moderns?

As we getting started with 6mm moderns/Cold war in our club we were talking about Epic

Armageddon. Personaly i like E:A game system, in my opinion one of the best beer and pretzel systems out there, great C2 rules, airsupport, arty everything you need for Cold War gone hot gaming
Some people on Epic group at facebook pointed the direction how to convert E:A to Modern Warfare themed wargame.

Obviously this wont be detailed set as FFT3 or Sabre Squadron but easy to pick and easy to play modification or to be exact only new armylists for existing system. some people already tried this but i never saw any armylist or stats released to public.

My goal will be to release armyfiles for armies we own here in my town which is currently US Army, Soviets and British but if the people want it i would propably make more lists.

So if you are interested stay tunned for more progress...........

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