úterý 21. října 2014

Bolt Action:German army

Although i very like Bolt Action, i dont played game for some time, mainly because our german player left the city where we are located, and i dont like blue on blue games. I bought Fallschirmjager army some time ago, and yesterday i tried to paint some of the models so i can take on my friend who play British Paras army. Well i just cant paint splinter camo, but i found some Perry miniatures Afrikakorps i have at home.

We´ll the Perrys are somewhat smaller than rest of miniatures like Warlord,Artizan or others and i though to my self they can make good 12th SS troops. and paint first test trooper to see how it look like. The theme for army is Normandy, thats why my troops wont be equipped with STG44 since they we´re rare in Western Theatre. for a start i have two squads equipped with rifles and MGs and one with SMGs, mortar team and Platoon leader. I have also Stuh IV at my disposal and that will give me nice starting army.
Here is pic of first trooper (not complete painted to try camo)

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